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Call before you buy !!!

Call before you buy any used Thermal System. Feb 16. 2024

We have received communication from two foundries that have procured previously owned systems through auctions or used equipment dealers, with the expectation of significant cost savings. However, it is imperative to emphasize that this is not the case. The critical aspect often overlooked in such acquisitions is the requisite engineering necessary for the seamless installation of the acquired equipment into your foundry. Unfortunately, when investing in used equipment, this crucial engineering detail is not included in the package.

It is crucial to underscore the importance of obtaining thorough engineering support. Local Air Approvals authorities require comprehensive details and frown upon the installation of such vital equipment without the proper engineering documentation. Unlike acquiring a used mixer or core machine, purchasing a thermal system demands a significantly more intricate approach.

Regrettably, within the past year, we have observed two clients facing project standstills due to the lack of proper engineering oversight in such acquisitions. We strongly recommend contacting us for consultation before proceeding, as failure to do so may result in considerable setbacks.

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