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A used thermal sand reclaimer.

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

While this may seem like a big savings from a used equipment dealer its not so simple.

The intention of running a reclamation system is to avoid buying sand. Once you turn this system on, your foundry will rely on its performance and output. Old equipment using outdated burner technology can be very difficult to get air permitting approval, and without low NOx burners on your machine you will not meet the requirements.

When you buy old technology for such an important role in your foundry, you are facing an uphill battle. Invest wisely and everything will work for many years to come.


The Thermfire machine is part of a larger system. We provide the engineering to our customers to figure out what is needed to move sand from A to B to C to D, and make sure everything fits in your building. This cost is quoted when we quote a new system and is lower than what an outside company would charge you. We have seen this scenario and they always take many times longer to get installed and operating.

Ancillary Equipment

The Thermfire requires a dust collector, water cooling system, sand handling equipment, etc.. We have vendors that we have worked with for years to ensure that we provide the best equipment to suit the needs of our technology. These systems can be quoted as required.


The control panel you purchased if more than 12 years old is out of date. This means you will have a hard time buying replacement parts, and those parts are typically much more expensive due to their rarity. Further to this, check the voltage to make sure the system is the same as yours otherwise any 3 phase motor you purchased with the Thermfire will need to be replaced or supplied power by a transformer.

You will also need to mimic the layout for the original system, or else you will have phantom alarms for equipment that does not exist in your plant. Either that or you will need to have us develop a custom program for you.

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