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Designed for longevity, throughput and rugged reliability, Gudgeon Thermfire’s mechanical reclamation lineup is shaking up the industry.  



Vibraclaim 3, 6, 10 and Vibrawedge 16 (Lump Reducers)



  • Designed to receive sand via conveyor, vibratory pan feeder or front end loader. 


  • Discharges sand at an elevated height perfect for pneumatic transportation. 


  • Sand on sand attrition is the primary method of lump reduction, eliminating the need for expensive wear items.


  • Particulate larger than 8 Mesh (.0781”) is screened out.


  • Quick opening cleanout hatches. 


  • Lumps reduced to grain size in one compact unit. 


  • Premier vibratory motors with long duty life.




Vibra-Shakeout 6 and 12 (Mold Shakeouts)



  • Low height loading and top screening deck ideal for interfacing with roller conveyors.


  • Remove casting at a safe working height ideal for forklift or jib crane


  • Performs shakeout of casting as well as lump reduction to grain size in one unit.


  • Robust design with easy to replace wear liners and screening decks.


  • Just like our line of lump reducers, primary mechanical reclamation is achieved through sand on sand attrition.


  • Particulate larger than 8 Mesh (.0781”) is screened out.


  • Premier vibratory motors with long duty life.


  • Easy access clean out.


Whether you are adding to or replacing old equipment, we specialize in seamless integration with flexible control options. Engineered to handle the stress and built to handle your sand.





Cooler Classifers



If you need to knock some temperature and dust out of your sand, Gudgeon Thermfire’s line of Cooler Classifiers will do the job. Models range from 2 tons per hour up to 20 tons per hour.


  • Fluidized sand provides a gentle polishing action which releases some dust and chemical from the sand.


  • A dust collector provides a slight negative pressure in the machine which allows for extraction of dust and other particulate.


  • 400ᵒ F (~200ᵒC) to 85ᵒ F (30ᵒC). Temperatures may vary.


  • Easy to maintain with many access plates to facilitate ease of cleanout.


  • Flexible design allows us to meet any need or demand, whether custom or off the shelf.


  • Integrate into current foundry process with ease with our expertly crafted 3D layout and installation drawings.


  • We use a premier blower manufacturer for the fluidizing fan, which will give you years of trouble free service.


  • Don’t need cooling? We will reduce the price of the unit to just provide classification of the sand.




The full system requires a dust collector, water cooling tower & pump (if cooling) and control panel. 

These can all be quoted from Gudgeon Thermfire International, your solution.

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