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Brent and Bill approach every inquiry as a custom order.


Our goal is to discuss your needs in advance and then schedule a site visit to review your foundry's application, noting your material handling and storage facilities. And taking detailed measurements of the area intended for sand reclamation. 


GTI staff are briefed using the data gathered during our site visit and the Design Department prepares digital 3D blueprints in concert with Fabrication, Parts and vendors. 


Detailed quotes are prepared and presented by GTI. The best practice is to present solutions that improve your foundry through-put, work environment, lower casting costs, and improve quality.


A detailed timeline with milestone dates is submitted.  Now the customer can make an informed decision based on the hard facts where all technical questions are answered and a detailed ROI is established. 


Then it is all hands on deck to begin fabrication using our advanced manufacturing procedures.  Ancillary equipment is ordered and coordinated with your Thermfire delivery schedule.


When your Thermfire unit arrives our technicians will assist installation using local tradespeople to install and test run the system. Training is provided by GTI staff during the commissioning of the system.


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