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Mechanical Sand Reclaimers The Extremes!

Ok, here is our smallest and largest. We build a range of vibratory lump reducer sizes but I thought as we have just sold our smallest (the VC-3) and are building the largest (the VW-16) We should look at the size difference.

Above Our Smallest The Vibraclaim 3. The always reliable Vibraclaim Series. 3, 6 and 10 sizes. These were originally designed for the British Coal Sifting Industry and modified for the Foundry Industry in the early 80's. The design is well engineered and we still have some units running from those earliest dates.

Above Our Largest The Vibrawedge 16. Our largest lump reducer capable of handling larger air-set sand lumps and greater throughput. Both of these designs are capable of serving your foundry well. Ask for our brochure of the entire range of vibratory lump reduction and shakeout equipment. phone 519-451-5320

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